Lebanon NH – Due to extenuating circumstances, the City Clerk’s office will be short-staffed until early August. And with Summer being our busiest season, you may experience longer than usual wait times in our office or on the phone. Therefore, if you do not have transactions that require you to appear in-person, we suggest you consider conducting your business through the mail or online.

Payments and requests can also be left in our green drop box, located at the side entrance to City Hall. Please do not leave cash in the drop box and be sure to enclose your transaction in an envelope to keep everything together. The drop box is checked at the beginning of each business day.

To better help you complete your transactions in a timely manner, here are some helpful tips and suggestions:

  • Motor Vehicle Renewals: Can be renewed through the mail or online. (If paying online, it is free to use your checking account, however, there is a 2.95% processing fee for using a card.) If renewing in-person, please bring your renewal notice or previous registration as well as your photo ID. If paying by check, it is helpful to have your check already completed.
  • New Vehicle Registrations: It is recommended that you plan for your visit, to ensure you have everything you need to complete your registration. Ourwebsite has a lot of great information about the documents and procedures required to register a vehicle for the first time. You can also call or email our office for further guidance.
  • Motor Vehicle Estimates: Our new online toolallows you to obtain an estimate for a new (or new-to-you) vehicle registration! When we are short staffed we are not always available to provide phone estimates. This is a great way to obtain an estimate quickly and efficiently. Please note, our online tool does not provide amounts for renewals or transferring of plates.
  • Vital Records: Certified copies of birth, marriage, death and divorce can be purchased through the mail or online. If coming in-person, please feel free to download and complete a formin advance, to save time when you arrive at our office.
  • Dogs: Dog license renewals can be processed onlineor through the mail using your last year’s tag number; new dogs can only be licensed through the mail or in-person. If you would just like to update rabies information, report that you have moved out of Lebanon or report that you no longer own a dog, please send an email to cityclerk@lebanonnh.gov.
  • Landfill Tickets: These must be purchased in-person; however, you do not need to wait in the City Clerk’s office line. You may go directly to the Water Department or Tax Collector window (The last two windows located at the end of the counter) to obtain tickets. Both of our Libraries also sell Landfill Tickets