Concord NH – On April 27, 2019, the New Hampshire State Police was made aware of a suspicious phone call where a male subject impersonated a NH State Trooper. The phone call was received on April 26 by a resident of Amesbury, Massachusetts and utilized a practice called “spoofing” whereby the caller alters their caller ID to display a false number. In this instance, the call displayed 603-358-3333, which is a legitimate New Hampshire State Police phone number associated with the Troop C barracks in Keene.

During the phone exchange, the caller identified himself as “Trooper Connors.” (No such trooper exists) He then explained that he had one of the victim’s relatives under arrest, and solicited the victim for bail money. The victim became suspicious due to the fact that the relative in question was deceased. The victim then reported the call to the Amesbury Police and the New Hampshire State Police.

The New Hampshire State Police wishes to inform the public that calls such as this are not legitimate, and are conducted as scams intended to defraud the caller of financial assets. While New Hampshire State Troopers sometimes contact the public by telephone in the course of their normal duties, such troopers will properly identify themselves and their assigned Troop/Unit and will never solicit money for any purpose. Anyone looking to verify the authenticity of a trooper who has contacted them can do so by calling New Hampshire State Police Communications at (603) 223-4381.

The investigation into this specific incident remains ongoing. Anyone with information on this case is asked to please contact Sergeant William Dilegge via Troop C dispatch at 603-223-8494