Concord NH -On February 28, 2019 at approximately 10:08 A.M., several vehicles started crashing into the guardrail and one another on I-89 north near Exit 15.  Snowfall was just ending and the roadway was ice covered in spots with temperatures at 10 degrees.

Trooper Arteaga was at the scene placing flares on the roadway when a box truck careered out of control and nearly struck him. The truck ended up overturning onto its side nearby.

A total of six separate crashes consisting of multiple vehicles occurred within a span of 100 yards. Two people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Operators driving too fast for the existing road and weather conditions contributed to these crashes occurring. All drivers were given warnings.

Operators are reminded to reduce their speed when temperatures are below freezing and driving conditions are poor. This simple precaution may save their lives and those of others.

The Grantham Police, Lebanon and Enfield Fire & Rescue, and the NH DOT assisted the State Police at the scene. One lane of the highway was shut down for over two hours until the roadway was cleared up.