Hartford VT – At 17:33 on 9/11/18 the Hartford Fire Department responded to 314 Newton Ln. in Hartford for the reported structure fire. Engine 4 responded with a crew of four. While enroute, we received an update from the scene stating that fire and smoke were seen by the occupants and the house had been evacuated. Automatic aid from Lebanon, Hanover and Norwich responded to the scene.

Hartford Engine 4 arrived on scene at 17:50 and reported dark smoke coming from the chimney and no fire showing. When the Engine 4 crew entered the building, they found heavy smoke in the basement. They entered the basement with a charged hose line and found fire at the furnace. The fire was quickly extinguished and damage was limited to the furnace. The incident was under control at 17:53. Crews then ventilated the home to clear all smoke and carbon monoxide.

An investigation determined the cause to be a furnace malfunction. There were no injuries to civilians or fire personnel.