In the near future, the Lebanon Police Department will begin an initiative to increase compliance with timed parking limits at various locations in the downtown area. The initiative is being launched as a result of a recent Parking Utilization Study that was conducted to evaluate parking utilization counts along with vehicle turnover and time limit compliance. The regular monitoring of parking utilization and availability in Lebanon’s downtown is one of the recommended actions of the 2012 Master Plan.
The goal of this initiative will be to ensure adequate turn-over of parking spaces in the downtown area through voluntary compliance with time limits established in City Ordinance. In an effort to achieve voluntary compliance, the Lebanon Police Department has begun a messaging campaign to bring attention to the parking areas in question along with the prescribed time limits for each area. These time limits and parking areas can be seen in the enclosed map.
After an initial awareness campaign, the police department will begin enforcement activity. The Lebanon Police Department is asking those who visit our downtown area to obey the rules and ordinances concerning timed parking, handicap parking, vendor/permit parking and no parking areas.