On  6/12/17 Brattleboro  police responded to two reported deaths.

In the first case police responded to a home where a neighbor had discovered the 87-year-old female resident deceased. The woman was located outdoors near her garden.

In the second case police responded to a residence to check the welfare of an 87 year old man. The man was found deceased outdoors on his property.

These investigations are ongoing but preliminary information indicates that heat exposure may have played a role in the deaths. The final cause and manner of death will be determined by the Vermont OCME.

The names of the decedents are known to the police but are not being released at this time, pending notification of families.

The Brattleboro Police Department reminds everyone that during periods of extreme heat, cold, or other weather conditions, exposure to outdoor weather should be limited. This is particularly true for potentially vulnerable populations, such as the ill, elderly, or very young. Friends and family are encouraged to check up on each other during such periods.