Old Newspaper Photo of Crash

70th Anniversary of B-29 Crash in Perkinsville VT
The 70th Anniversary commemoration of the B-29 crash on Hawks Mountain in Perkinsville VT will take place on June 17th. The ceremony will remember the lives of the 12 airmen who perished in the crash on June 17th, 1947. The plane was on a training mission flying from Arizona to Bedford MA but lost its way in a heavy rainstorm. At about 1000 feet, the B-29 circled Perkinsville it was flying so low the engines shook windows and aroused the residents. Moments later the plane crashed and sent up eerie flashes of light. Springfield firemen, and townsfolk raced up Hawk’s mountain, but it took hours to reach the tragic scene. There was no sign of life and victims were severely burned. All that could be done was to move the bodies.
The ceremony will take place at 2:00 pm on the Perkinsville Green followed by a hike to the crash site. A documentary video of the dedication of the historical marker placed on the green in 2007 can be viewed in the vestry of the Perkinsville Church for those not taking the hike and refreshments will be served. For more information, call 802-885-9517.
Work Starts on Bridge and Main in Hartford VT
Work has begun on the Bridge and Main Building Construction Project in Hartford VT. The project is expected to last for 8 months and changes to traffic patterns along Bridge and North will affect all those who travel in vehicles or on foot around Hartford.
On North Main Street, existing parking spaces on the north side will be used for construction operations and a row of Jersey barriers will be at the outboard edge of the parking spaces. Traffic flow will remain the same.
On Bridge Street, Jersey barrier will be along the centerline of the street from North Main to the entrance of Railroad Row. Traffic will be one way only from the north to the south (Railroad Road to North Main Street). The pedestrian sidewalk along Bridge Street will be temporarily closed during initial months of construction. The walkway will be relocated to the closed portion of Bridge Street.
Please contact the construction manager of Estes and Gallup, Inc. with any questions at 603-795-4400.

Sunapee Continues to Work on Roads
Sunapee Highway Department continues to work on the roads that were impacted by a May 31st rainstorm. North Road from Sargent Road to Hill Top Drive will be closed through Thursday during the day to repair that section of road. During the evening North Road will be single lane.
Ryder Corner Road will remain closed until the road is stabilized and suitable for traffic.
Perkins Pond Road will have one lane of traffic, but may need to close periodically for repairs can be completed.
Highway Director, Scott Hazelton thanks everyone for their patience and asks that you call the Town Office at 763-2212 with questions or him at 763-5060.

Springfield VT Woman Arrested on Warrant
A Springfield VT woman arrested on a warrant is now facing charges of resisting arrest. Springfield Police said shortly after 8:30 PM on Saturday they made contact with 24-year old Amber White at Village Pizza in Springfield. As the officers tried to handcuff White, she began to resist arrest. White was transported to Southern State Correctional Facility where she is being held on $25,000 bail. White was cited for the alleged Resisting Arrested to appear in Windsor Criminal Court on a later date.