Two Women Arrested for Claremont Armed Robbery
Claremont Police arrested two women accused of robbing and stabbing a delivery driver. Police say the women ordered food from Dominos Pizza then robbed and stabbed the delivery driver when he arrived at a Trinity Street apartment early Saturday morning.
A neighbor interrupted the attack, exclaiming she was going to call the police. The women then fled the scene on foot toward Franklin Street.
Police quickly identified one suspect as Debra Pitts 31, and arrested her Saturday evening along with Jennifer Tozzi 34, at a Claremont residence.
Tozzi had a warrant for her arrest out of Grafton County and has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, charges filed on both subjects are classified as Class A Felony level offenses.
Pitts and Tozzi are in custody and will be arraigned today in Claremont District Court.
Claremont Police thanks all the citizens who assisted with this investigation.

VSP Seize 60 Bags of Heroin on I-89
Vermont State Police seized 60 bags of heroin during a traffic stop on I-89 in Royalton on Sunday. Sgt John Helfant of VSP Traffic Operations and the VSP – Royalton Troops stopped a white and black 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon because the operator had a suspended license. During the stop State Police located 60 bags of heroin. Brian Richardson 52 of Northfield VT, Jessica Bradeen 36 of Braintree VT, and Lynn Gilman 51 of Northfield VT were cited and charged with Conspiracy to Deliver Heroin. The driver Jessica Bradeen was also charged with Heroin Possession and Transportation of Heroin into VT. All three were released and will appear in Windsor Superior Court on May 30, 2017 to answer the charges.

Charleston Fire Department Fight Three Fires
Charlestown firefighters and mutual aid companies battled three fires on Sunday afternoon. Officials said the fires broke out in the area of 960 River Road within a span of an hour and a half. The fire burned two garages and a brush fire on over 5 acres. Route 12 A and Oxbow Road were closed for over 4 hours during the firefight. Two fire fighters received minor injuries but returned to fight the blazes after receiving treatment.
The cause of the fires has yet to be determined. Officials warned earlier in the day that dry conditions and winds were causing a caution for brush fires throughout the state.

VSP Seek Attempted Burglary Suspects
Vermont State Police are reviewing surveillance tape of an attempted burglary at the Rockingham Jiffy Mart. Police say an employee was preparing to open the store early Sunday morning when two suspects used a crow bar to break the glass on the door. The employee yelled at the suspect and they fled. Both suspects were wearing hoodies over their head and their faces were covered. One suspect wore white shoes and dark pants and the other had dark shoes and pants with a stripe down the side. The video surveillance tape will be reviewed at a later time to gather more identifying information.

Four Teens Call for Assistance on Mt. Cardigan
Four Derry NH teens called for assistance while hiking Mount Cardigan on Sunday evening. The teens Peter Pepin, 19, Cory Brotz, 18, Logan Pond, 18, and Derek Purnell, 18, were hiking from the AMC Lodge to the summit when they encountered wind and rain. The hikers said there were unable to descend the trail because it was too treacherous, but were unable to tell officials what trail they had hiked on or what trail they were on. Operators at 9-1-1 provided the GPS coordinate from the call’s origins. Conservation officers with a member of the Alexandria Fire Department went to the scene toward the hikers last known location. Just before 8:45 pm the hikers arrived at the AMC parking lot and told Fish and Game officers that they were able to hike out on their own. The teens had no extra clothing, gear, map, or compass, only a bottle of water.
Hikers are reminded that conditions on the trails can change rapidly. They need to be prepared with proper gear and check weather forecasts before they begin their hikes to ensure they have the proper gear for the changing weather conditions. For safe hiking tips and a list of essential gear, visit