lebanon  police patchThe Lebanon Police Department has received several complaints over the last couple weeks from local business owners reporting they have been contacted by someone claiming to be from Liberty Utilities.
In these cases, the business owners were told that unless they made immediate payments, their power would be turned off.
One business was directed to purchase “Green Dot” prepaid debit cards and provide the PINs to make payment. Investigation into the matter confirmed that this is a scam.
If you receive any calls from a utility company claiming you are delinquent when you are not, hang up and contact your utility company through a verified number, either from a bill or other correspondence or a number from the company’s official website. Under no circumstances should you purchase a prepaid card and provide the PIN, this is almost always a clear indicator that this is a scam.
If you receive any of these calls please contact your local police department.
Information on consumer scam alerts can be found on the New Hampshire Office of the Attorney General website http://goo.gl/S3hQ0q