In the morning of Thursday February 16th, Lebanon Police Lieutenant Rich Smolenski stopped on Route 120 to assist a motorist who had run out of gas. The dispatch record of the call would indicate that Lt. Smolenski just stood by while the motorist retrieved gas from the gas station and got his vehicle underway. It wasn’t until a Facebook post mentioning the incident that we discovered the larger story.
The motorist went to the gas station where he was supposed to meet a co-worker who was to bring him money for gas, but the individual didn’t arrive. Lt. Smolenski took $20 from his pocket and gave it to the motorist to get gas so he could reach his destination. This act of kindness was witnessed by another customer who posted it to his Facebook page. This is an example of our ongoing efforts to engage our community but more importantly, this is a great example of the humble generosity and kindness of Lt. Rich Smolenski. He is commended for going above and beyond to truly make a difference.