Sullivan County Holds Public Hearings on Block Grants
sullivan-countyThe Sullivan County Commissioners will hold three consecutive Public Hearings on Community Development Block Grant funds. The hearings are slated for Monday, Jan. 9 at 4:00 pm in the Remington Woodhull Complex on 14 Main Street in Newport.
The first hearing is for a proposed grant application for up to $500,000 for renovations to 169 Main Street, Claremont to develop Transitional Housing for the Sullivan County Department of Corrections TRAILS Program.
The second and third hearings are for the re-adoption of the County’s Housing and Community Development Plan and re-adoption of Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan.
More information on hearings 2 and 3 can be viewed at the and click on the Programs and Grants page. All interested residents are welcome to attend.

Significant Breach at NH DHHS
A significant security breach of about 15,000 happened at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The breach affects clients who received services prior to November 2015 and involves names, addresses, social security numbers, and Medicaid identification numbers.
Meyers Commissioner of NH DHHS made the announcement on yesterday.
According to Jeffrey A. Meyers Commissioner of NH DHHS they first became aware of a problem after personal information from their internal files was posted to a social media web site in Aug of this year.
With the assistance of law enforcement, the information was removed from social media within 24 hours and a criminal investigation is ongoing. The information was accessed in Oct. of 2015 by a patient using a patient computer at the New Hampshire Hospital.
DHHS and the New Hampshire Department of Information Technology (DoIT) have eliminated the source of the breach and the information can no longer be accessed by unauthorized individuals at New Hampshire Hospital
DHHS has no evidence that individuals protected information has been misused or that any credit card or banking information was accessed. DHHS is making available a toll-free telephone number that affected individuals may call with questions about this incident. The toll-free number is 1-888-901-4999. DHHS is also posting notice and additional information regarding this incident on our website,

Newport Names Rieseberg Town Manager
Newport Select Board hired Hunter Rieseberg for Town Manager. Hunter Rieseberg, who has served as the town’s Interim Manager since October 18th was named Newport’s Town Manager, with an annual salary of $115,000 plus benefits, up from $99,500 as the interim manager. Rieseberg will also receive five weeks of annual vacation. On a 5-0 vote, the selectmen agreed to a contract with Rieseberg that runs through June 30, 2019.