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-Just before 9 pm on Tuesday, the Hartford Fire Department was dispatched to a reported fire in an attached garage of a home at 88 Dawn Drive in Quechee.  Upon arrival, first arriving units found a light smoke condition in the garage and the fire was found to be extinguished by the occupant of the home. The occupant of the home reported to personnel that cigarette ashes were discarded into a plastic garbage bag in the garage.  A few minutes later when returning to the garage the bag had ignited catching a wall in the garage on fire.  The occupant immediately called 911 and removed family members from the home while another occupant extinguished the fire using a fire extinguisher. Upon arrival Hartford personnel continued to cool the burned area and checked for extension of the fire and the home was metered for carbon monoxide.  Minor damage was caused to the garage by the fire however the fire did not extend beyond where it originated.  Once the fire was completely extinguished and the building was clear from carbon monoxide occupants were allowed back in the home.