claremont policeMore details are coming forth about the officer involved shooting in Claremont last Sunday. On Friday the NH Attorney General’s Office named Corporal Ian Kibbe, a 2½-year member of the Claremont Police Department as the only officer present at the time of the shooting. There were no recording devices that captured the shooting since Claremont does not have body cameras or cruiser cameras. The investigation into whether the officer’s actions were lawful is going.

Online documents show that Ian Kibbe started his law enforcement career in Feb of 2011 when he graduated from the 110th Vermont Correctional Academy and began work at the Southern State Correctional Facility.  In 2012 Kibbe along with 2 others received a Medal of Valor for saving the life of an inmate who had cut an artery with a handmade weapon and was refusing medical treatment.

Later in 2012 Kibbe went to work as a part time officer for the Town of Chester VT and attended Vermont Police Academy.  After graduating in 2012, Kibbe was hired as a full time officer in Windsor VT where he was a Fleet Supervisor and worked until March of 2014 when he continued his career with the Claremont Police Department.

Claremont’s Police Chief Alex Scott said in a press release that his department is not provided with any information concerning the ongoing investigation and questions should be directed to the NH Attorney General’s Office and NH State Police Major Crimes Unit. Scott said he appreciates and understand the community’s wishes for quick answers but must respect the integrity of the investigative process to ensure the most accurate outcome.