Croydon is now SAU #99

New Super Schoolboard
Croydon School District is now SAU #99 and has hired a part time Superintendent. Superintendent of SAU 99 Greg Vogt is retired from the Plainfield School District. This follows a vote in March by both Croydon and Newport voters to leave SAU 43. Newport School District has maintained the number 43 for their new SAU. The Croydon School Board introduced Vogt at their board meeting Thursday night. Superintendent Vogt started on July 1, 2016.

Croydon Looks at Options for Private School
About 30 people attended Thursday’s Croydon School Board Meeting to hear about options after a ruling forbidding Croydon from sending students to private schools. The school board gave a quick overview of various they could take after receiving the permanent injunction last Friday.
One option was to ask Judge Brian Tucker for a clarification on his ruling since some of the rulings were based on Croydon belonging to SAU #43, but now is SAU #99.
Another option was to take the case to NH Supreme court and ask for a stay until the case is heard. Chairman Jody Underwood said they haven’t met with their attorney yet but estimates the costs would be about $20,000. The district plans to raise the funds through crowd funding as they did for this court case.
Executive councilor and candidate for Governor Chris Sununu told the school board that they have many people on their side.
Sununu encouraged the school district to keep fighting.
School board member Jim Peschke said he wants to explore the costs the fighting the case against the odds of winning before making a decision.

NH and VT Settle with Cephalon
Both NH and VT Attorney Generals have made a settlement with pharmaceutical manufacturer Cephalon for the wakefulness drug, Provigil.
The settlement ends a multistate investigation into anticompetitive conduct by Cephalon and affiliated companies to protect the monopoly profits earned by delaying generic competition.
The $125 million dollars settlement with Cephalon is divided among 49 states.
Vermont consumers and the State of Vermont will receive a total of over $1.6 million and New Hampshire will receive $650,000.