awardAt the Lebanon City Council meeting tonight Officer Peter Begin will receive a Meritorious Police Service Bar for Lifesaving. These bars are awarded to any member of the department who is distinguished by performing physical act(s) to save another person.
During the weekend of May 25th, Officer Peter Begin was off-duty and attending his son’s basketball game in Hampton, New Hampshire. During the game, one of the opposing players collapsed on the court and was in obvious distress. Officer Begin, and another gentleman in attendance, immediately ran to the boy’s aid and determined the boy was in cardiac arrest. Officer Begin and the other good Samaritan began to administer CPR to the boy while an external defibrillator was retrieved within the building. Officer Begin assisted in administering the AED, which subsequently shocked the boy’s heart. Within a matter of seconds, the boy’s pulse had returned and he regained consciousness.
We are proud to honor Officer Peter Begin at the City Council meeting tonight and  the public to is cordially invited to attend. Officer Begin exhibited tremendous professionalism in his actions and is deserved of this recognition. The meeting begins at 7:00 pm