underhill2On June 3, 2016, the Lebanon Police Department was conducting an investigation into prostitution activities on a website known for advertising those illicit services. At approximately 7:15PM, plainclothes officers were conducting surveillance in a parking lot of a local hotel off of Plainfield Road when a black Nissan Sentra was observed in the lot. The white male operator of the black Nissan was identified as the suspect who had arrived to meet, who he thought to be, a female offering prostitution.

The subject operating the car was later identified as Joshua Underhill, age 35, of Christian Street in White River Junction. As plainclothes officers approached the vehicle being driven by Underhill to investigate, he put the car into gear and sped off at an extremely high rate of speed placing one of the officers in danger of being struck by the car. The officers then attempted to stop the fleeing vehicle but Underhill refused to stop and was able to get away in traffic.

A short time later, officers observed Underhill turning onto Maple Street from Seminary Hill. A vehicle stop was conducted and Underhill was taken into custody. Underhill is charged with Reckless Conduct, a Class B Felony for placing the police officer in danger of serious bodily injury, as well as Solicitation of Prostitution, Resisting Detention and Disobeying a Police Officer, all Class A Misdemeanors. Underhill was also charged with Reckless Operation, a Violation, due to his reckless driving while fleeing the police.
Bail was set at $5,000 cash only, which Underhill was unable to post. He was transported to the Grafton County House of Correction pending arraignment in the 2nd District Court, Lebanon Division, on Monday June 6, 2016