Canaan Man Injured in Snowmobile Crash
Canaan AccidentA Canaan NH man was seriously injured in a snowmobile crash on Wednesday afternoon in Pittsburg. NH Fish and Game Conservation say Mitchell Davis 27 sustained serious, but non-life-threatening injuries, after losing control of his snowmobile onTrail140 near River Road and hit several trees.
Members of Davis’ riding party say he was unconscious for several minutes after the collision.
Davis said when his ski hit the frozen object on the edge of the trail making his hand hit the throttle and sticking it in the open position. This mechanical failure was determined to be the primary factor leading to the crash. Alcohol was not a factor in the crash, and Conservation Officers say that wearing a helmet was likely a factor in Davis surviving the collision.

Townshend VT Man Arrested for Trespassing
A Townshend VT man was charged with unlawful trespass on the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant on Wednesday. Law Enforcement Officials say they were called by Vermont Yankee Security Officers reporting a man with camera that was hiding along the inside fence one. Officers arrested Clay Turnbull 53, who was released on a citation to appear in the Windham Superior Court, Criminal Division at a later date.

Bradford NH Tries for Town Hall Renovations
Bradford NH officials are trying for the fourth time for voters to approve renovations to its Town Hall. The town is asking for $1.3 million in tax dollars and the building committee is raising money through donations and grants to help complete the project cost. The building committee has already received $105,000 for an LCHIP Grant and raised $70,000 in donations. The committee is also seeking volunteer work from local business such as installing a new Septic System.
Warrant articles will be voted on Wednesday, March 9 at 7:00 pm at the Kearsarge Regional Elementary School on the Old Warner Road in Bradford.

New London Town Meeting
New London will hold its Town Meeting in March this year after holding it May for the past four year. This year residents will be considering, officers, zoning amendments, a bond for various town projects, a new van for the recreation department and if the town wants to have a K-9 Force. Voting for zoning, town offices and school matters will be voted on by ballot on Tuesday.
Warrant articles 2-20 will be voted on Wednesday at 7:00pm and Hallquist invites all to attend. You can find the warrant articles on the Town’s Web Site.