Lebanon Man Named “Everyday Hero”
hero lebanonA Lebanon resident will be honored at the Red Cross Everyday Heroes Awards on March 10. Barry Martin was swimming at the Quechee Covered Bridge when he saw someone jump from the bridge into the water. The man came up once, but
then sank to the bottom. Barry dove twice to find him and pulled him out of the water. The victim wasn’t breathing so Barry and some other swimmers performed CPR. When the EMTs arrived, Barry was told that without his help the young man wouldn’t have survived. Every year the American Red Cross holds the Everyday Heroes Awards in an effort to raise public awareness of local heroes who reflect the mission of the Red Cross by responding in time of need with selfless acts of courage and compassion.

Ruger Sales Up
Terrorism, politics and Black Friday sales were forces that drove gun sales up. Sturm Ruger, which is based in Connecticut but has a major facility in Newport, has seen a 24 percent increase in gun sales. Annual sales for 2015 were just above $551 million, beating last year sales by about $5.5 million. Ruger said it has high hopes for 2016. Gun sales have been strong in the first few months, the company said. This summer when sales normally slow will be a time for retailers to get their orders in said CEO Michael Fifer. It is also a big opportunity to take advantage of the upcoming election, Fifer said.

Four Arrested In Alien Smuggling
Four people were arrested in connection with alien smuggling near the Vermont-Canadian border on Saturday night. The U.S. Border Patrol Agents say they watched a man lead two others across the international border in a remote area. The three were picked up by 2008 Infinity with NJ plates. Border Control Agents stopped the car on I-91and arrested all four occupants. The occupants were all natives of the Ukraine and Georgia.
The driver Tamar Toradze, 27, and front seat passenger, Levan Arutinov, 25, had obtained US citizenship. Toradze and Arutinov, 25, were charged with alien smuggling and conspiracy. If convicted they each face a maximum of ten years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine
Mykhaylo Andrushko, 48 year old of the Ukraine had been previously removed from the United States and produced a Hungarian passport with a false name. He is charged with reentry after removal and faces a maximum of two years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.
Nino Lempanintze, a 33-year-old native and resident of Georgia had Greek citizenship and is being detained as a material witness.