McCrillis Family Unites Under Torch
CelebrationFour generations of McCrillis’ united at the lighting of Newport’s Carnival Torch on Friday night.
John C. McCrillis lit the flame on the Little Common that has symbolized the start of Newport Winter Carnival for 100 years. His father John W. McCrillis skied with the flame from Dartmouth College to Newport to light the torch for Newport’s 1st Winter Carnival. Earlier that day John C.’s son David, and grandson Cooper along with other members of Newport Recreation Department took turns skiing and running with the torch from Dartmouth recreating the trek the first McCrillis took. After hours of braving the snow and cold weather, the torch team arrived in Newport and handed the flame to John C. McCrillis for the honor of igniting the 100-year-old symbol kicking off the start of Newport Winter Carnival.
John C. McCrillis said he was glad to see the trip repeated.
Cooper McCrillis was at his grandfather’s side holding the skis his great grandfather used 100 years ago. Copper said it was an honor to be part of the event.
You can check out photos of the event at the WNTK Facebook and webpage.

Large Crowd Ordinance Hearing for Croydon
Croydon has no town ordinances. That may change through, if Croydon voters adopt a “Large Crowd” ordinance at its March Town Meeting. A public hearing on the proposed ordinance is being held Monday at 6:00 pm in the Croydon Town Hall. Croydon’s Police Chief Richard Lee requested the ordinance, after a repeated noise incident last summer at a Page Hill Farm Music Festival. Chief Lee arrested the event promoter, who evidentially plead no contest to a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace and fined $1,000.00.
The ordinance calls for commercial events of over 100 people to obtain a permit from the Selectman and for the event holders to pay police coverage to be determined by the Police Chief according to NH RSA 105:9. ¬¬¬ Officers would be hire at $65.00 an hour with pay going directly to the officers.
Brian and Meredith Page owners of Page Hill Farm said in a flyer that the reason behind the ordinance is to eliminate their ability to share their wonderful place that they have enjoyed for four years.
Chief Lee said the residents of Croydon should come to hearing to the hear facts.).
After the arrest of the promoter, accusations were made against Lee, which the Selectboard and Lee turned over to the County Attorney to investigate.

Three Escape Crash into Saxton River
A 17-year-old Claremont teen and two juveniles received injuries Friday night in a Grafton VT crash. Police say Irfan Arif 17, lost control of his Yellow Hummer H2 as before entering the Saxton’s River Bridge. The Hummer went into the opposite lane, hit guardrails and fell 15 feet landing into the Saxton River on its roof. Arif and two passengers managed to escape from the partially submerged Hummer and proceeded to the roadway. They were found by a motorist and later received medical attention.