Dr. Lilyan B. Wright Named Newport’s Distinguished Citizen
wrightThe Newport Area Chamber of Commerce will honor its 2016 “Distinguished Citizen of the year tonight
This Year’s Recipient is 95-Year Old Dr. Lilyan B Wright of Goshen NH. Dr. Wright has lived in Goshen since 1992 and has served the communities of Goshen and Newport since.
Dr. Wright was awarded the 2005 “Volunteer of a Lifetime Award” by the Newport Recreation Department and in 2015 named “Goshen Citizen of the Year.” Wright is well known in Newport for her exercise classes at the Newport Recreation Department, Newport Senior Center, and Woodlawn Care Facility. Dr. Wright will be the Oldest Person Honored as Newport’s “Distinguished Citizen of the Year.

Claremont’s School District Warrant Remains Unchanged
Claremont voters were kept waiting for the School District’s Moderator to start the District’s Deliberate Session. After twenty minutes, voters were asked to nominate a temporary moderator. Tracy Pope, nominated ex-school member Heather Irish voted in unanimously to moderate the session. All of Claremont’s warrants remain unchanged. Although Claremont’s Operating Budget of $34,131,283 is lower than its default budget of $$34,433,886 there is a tax increase of .51 cents per thousand. SAU 6 Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin explained the increase is due to the cap on school adequacy aid being removed and Claremont loosing $437,000 from the state.
Claremont homeowners can expect an increase of $1.00 per thousand.
In October of 2015, NH Attorney General Joseph Foster admitted in open court Monday that the cap on adequacy aid is unconstitutional, affirming a key claim in a lawsuit brought by Dover School District on school funding.
Sunapee Police Chief and Sergeant Teaching this Week
Sunapee Police Chief David Cahill and Sgt. Neill Cobb are using their firearms expertise to teach. Both are firearm instructors for the Sunapee Police Department, and certified to teach in State of New Hampshire and this week are volunteering at the NH Police Academy. Chief Cahill and Sgt. Cobb will alternate days teaching this week and will provide firearms instruction to the 51 recruits in the current session at the Academy. Their instruction includes fundamentals, safety, techniques and corrective measures. The Academy relies on teaching volunteers as part of its teaching staff, not only in firearms training, but in all aspects of classroom training as well. Through teaching, firearms instructors also get a chance to practice their own skills and learn the latest techniques