Meth Lab LebanonOn Friday, the Lebanon Police Department received a call from the Garner North Carolina Police Department regarding a bank robbery suspect that may be staying at a residence in Lebanon. The Garner, NC Police advised that there was an active Felony level arrest warrant for the suspect, Jamie Smith of Raleigh, North Carolina, age 28. At approximately 10:15pm on Friday, Lebanon Patrol Officers located Smith in an apartment in the Boulders Condominium Complex on Wolf Road in Lebanon. Once inside of the residence, Officers also located a second person, Samantha Renehan of Sharon Vermont, age 28, who also had a warrant for her arrest. Officers arrested Smith and Renehan on their warrants and during a subsequent search of the residence, Officers observed elements of a one-pot methamphetamine laboratory.

Officers conducted a further search of the residence and noted that the contents of the one-pot methamphetamine “cook” appeared to have been dumped into a bathroom toilet during, or just prior, to the arrival of Lebanon Police Officers. Due to the extreme danger and instability of the chemicals involved, Officers immediately vacated the remaining occupants of the apartment and with the assistance of the Lebanon Fire Department, evacuated a number of residents from adjoining apartments.

A Search Warrant was obtained for the apartment and the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Team responded to the scene to assist with safely recovering evidence. Lebanon Police Detectives also responded to the scene to conduct the drug investigation.

Smith is charged and held as a Fugitive from Justice and Renehan on a warrant for Failing to Appear in Court. Both were transported to the Grafton County House of Corrections pending arraignment on February 01, 2016.