kleen laundry gas leakShortly after 9:00 am Friday, the Lebanon Fire Departments responded a small leak in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) system supplying the Kleen Laundry on Foundry Street. Fire department units responded to the site and upon arrival at 0916 hours Chief Christopoulos assumed command. Maintenance personnel reported a small leak on the front end of one of the vaporizing units. The extent of the leak could not be determined as the area had iced over due to the cold temperature of the LNG and the warmer outside temperatures. Fire department personnel worked with facility representatives to develop a plan of action to assess the extent of the leak.

As a result fire hose lines were deployed as a precaution during an operation that involved using warm water to thaw the area around the leak to determine the cause. When thawed the leak was found in a fitting housing a thermometer used to monitor the temperature of the LNG entering the vaporizer. During this operation the fire department provided fire protection and rescue standby personnel while the maintenance employee performed these actions. The fitting was ultimately removed and a plug inserted to stop the leak.

There was no natural gas detected ay anytime beyond the immediate area of the leak. There were no injuries and all fire department units cleared the scene at 1209 hours.

The Hanover Fire Department provided an engine and ambulance to cover the city while Lebanon units were tied up on scene.

(see attached pictures courtesy of the Lebanon Fire Department)

Questions related to this press release can be directed to Chief Chris Christopoulos at the Lebanon Fire Department at (603) 448-8810.