Croydon Select Board Seeks Answers to Ambulance and Fire Service
Croydon Fire DepartmentWhat is a town do when its fire department doesn’t respond to calls?
Croydon Selectmen are asking just that and seeking a solution to Croydon’s fire and EMS problems. According to records kept by Newport of the 11 calls they answered in Croydon in 2014, no one from Croydon showed up to five of them. According to Select Board member Todd Fratzel, this does not fit the RSAs for mutual aid.

Croydon’s Fire Department was incorporated in the late 1970’s as a private fire department with a 504 c nonprofit status. Because it is a 504 c and not a 501 c nonprofit, it cannot pay its firefighters or it’s Chief. With volunteer firefighters numbers dwindling across the state it presents a problem with staffing. Croydon Fire Department has answered no calls between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm in 2014. Newport is looking into charging Croydon for calls where no one is one scene from the Croydon Fire Department.
Croydon Selectman Steve Cunningham said the town has no authority over the Fire Department as far as staffing but the board is looking at what options they do have.

The Croydon Select Board plans to meet with the Croydon Volunteer Fire Department in a non-public meeting in the near future and hopefully resolve the issue.

Slight Increase in Claremont Property Tax
Claremont property owners will see just a slight increase in their property taxes. The new tax rate, based on the voter approval of the school, city and county budgets, will be $41.47. This means the owner of the average assessed home in Claremont will see a yearly increase of $17.08 (or $.05 per day). The Municipal and County portion of the tax rate went down while the School portion went up. The overall increase is up less than ½ percent. Tax bills will be going out soon with a due date of January 2, 2016.

Newbury VT Man Charged with Embezzlement
A Newbury VT man is charged with embezzlement after a lengthy investigation. Police say they began the investigation in September after receiving notice of possible embezzlement from Adult Protective Services. Jamie Osgood 37 is alleged to have taken approximately $5,000 from 81-year-old Jean Lyon of Bradford from June 2014-July 2015. Osgood is due in Orange Superior County court on Jan. 6, 2016.

Bethel Vermont Man Arrested for Heroin Sale
A Bethel Vermont is charged with the sale of heroin, after an investigation into three heroin overdoses. Police say that last Friday they found three individuals overdosed on heroin in a white Subaru Legacy on Deering Rd in Bethel, One subject was resuscitated after 10 minutes of CPR and two others revived on their own. South Royalton Rescue transported two of the subjects to Gifford Medical Center who were treated and released. Police found heroin in the car and the arrest of 28-year-old Nathan Abbott. Abbott was lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility in lieu of $2000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in Windsor Superior Court Criminal Division today.