Springfield VT Man Killed in I-91 Accident
fatal accidentVermont State Police are investigating an early morning accident that left a Springfield VT man dead after being struck by two cars. Police say they found cars stopped on I-91 in Hartland in the road and Arthur Huston 60, dead on the road. A disabled 2001 Buick was parked on the shoulder.
The initial investigation determined Aaron Lafayette 21, of Alstead NH was traveling north in his jeep when he came upon the disabled Buick on the shoulder. Layfayette moved over to the left lane and hit Mr. Huston who was standing in the passing lane. Layfayette pulled into the median and stopped. Joshua J. Nordman 32 of White River Jct. was driving his Mini Cooper north and when he collided with Mr. Huston. Witnesses to the scene reported seeing a male standing in the roadway outside of the disabled vehicle prior to being struck.
VSP’s crash recon team responded and further investigation is pending.

Good News for Plainfield
Good news for Plainfield taxpayers, your tax rate is going down by 25 cents per thousand. According to the select board and NH Division of Revenue Plainfield’s taxes for the 2015 year will be $27.25 per thousand, down from $27.50 per thousand from 2014 and 2013. Plainfield has not seen a tax increase for the past three years.

Vermont Men Arrested After Road Rage and Crash
Two Vermont men were arrested after a car crash on Quarry Road in Dummerston t yesterday afternoon. Police say that was an altercation before the crash between the two vehicles involving improper driving before the vehicles sped down Quarry Road. Samuel Griffis 53 of Dummerston lost control of his 2006 Subaru, crossed over the lane exited the roadway, hit a tree and ended up in a dry creek bed.
Asa SJ Chapin 20 stopped to give Griffis assistance and called 911. Chapin’s Accura was not involved in the crash and he did not see the accident. Officers discovered that Griffis had been drinking. He was arrested and charged with Negligent Operation and later released on criminal citation, to appear in Windham Superior Criminal Court on 11/24/15.
It was discovered that Chapin had an active Vermont Felony warrant for 3 counts of Uttering a Forged Instrument for $2500 bail. Chapin was arrested and later lodged at the SSCF in Springfield for lack of bail

Croydon School Board gives update on choice and fundraising.
The Croydon School Board raised over $18,000 for legal fees for their legal dispute with the NH Board of Education. Board member Angi Beaulieu made the announcement at Wednesday night school board meeting.
At its September 30 meeting, board members voted to spend $10,000 to retain attorney Ex Supreme Court Justice Chuck Douglas. The move came after the board received word of an impending injunction from the NH Board of Education. Six thousand dollars for the retainer was taken from the school district’s legal funds and the remaining $4,000 was taken from excess tuition money not used for Newport schools.
None of the donation money can be used until there is a public hearing, since the amount is over $5,000. Beaulieu said they have not heard from the Board of Education and to accept the funds at this time would be premature.

A Super Challenge
Newport’s Homecoming football game against Stevens is this Saturday. To make the game more interesting Newport’s Superintendent has issued the challenged Steven’s Superintendent. Dr. Cindy Gallagher has challenged Dr. Middleton McGoodwin. Dr. G said, “I have great confidence that the Newport Tigers will win this game. To this end, I promised to wear a Red Cardinals Sweatshirt during the upcoming televised Newport/Claremont Joint Board meeting and to provide dinner from our one and only Coronis Market in the unlikely event that Stevens wins. However, I’m certain that Dr McGoodwin will look brilliant Wearing Tiger Orange at that Joint Board Meeting and he has agreed to provide supper from one of Claremont’s establishments. Go Get them Tigers.”