Flushables Costly to Newport Sewage Treatment Plant
flushablesFlushables are causing problems and costs for Newport’s Sewage Treatment Plant, according to Arnold L. Greenleaf, Plant Superintendent. Greenleaf said at Monday’s Select Board meeting that flushables are causing an expense problem for the plant and residents.
In addition the wipes add time and labor spent on processing the so-called flushable wipes. Greenleaf says the problem has worsened in the last three years.
Mobile home park owner David Kibbey added that the flushables are causing problems with septic systems and have been responsible for septic system failures. Kibbey has recently banned the flushing of all flushables in his park in Newport.
Greenleaf said just because it says flushable doesn’t mean you should flush it. A pamphlet on what products are not flushable is available at the Newport Town Offices and will soon be available on the Town’s website.

Thrasher Road in Weathersfield Closed
Thrasher Road in the town of Weathersfield Vermont will be closed on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8. The town will be replacing an undersized culvert at the base of the hill. All homes will still be accessible from Route 131 or Route 5. Victory Drive will not be affected.

Mother Arrested in Sexual Abuse Case
A mother of juvenile was arrested in connection with the sexual assault on her daughter, who had an unattended birth last month. Vermont state police say, Bonnie Beede 36, of Cabot Vermont was arrested for cruelty by a person having custody of another after an investigation. The investigation showed that Beede had knowledge of the ongoing sexual abuse and resulting pregnancy of her daughter, but failed to provide adequate protection safety and care for her. On September 25, Richard Danner, age 31, was arrested for the aggravated sexual assault of the girl under the age of 16.
An execution of a search warrant on 9/26/15 revealed living conditions at the Beede/Danner residence to be uninhabitable and the victim, infant and another child living in the home were placed in DCF custody, Beede is to appear in Washington County Superior Court, Criminal Division on November 19, 2015 to answer the charge.

NH Man Captured In Newport Sentenced for Three Robberies
A Somersworth, New Hampshire man was sentenced yesterday in federal court for three robberies in November 2014, According to court documents, James Whinnem 35, robbed a gas station convenience store at knifepoint in Manchester, New Hampshire on November 16, 2014. Two days later, while apparently unarmed he then robbed a bank in Manchester by passing a demand note to the teller. Two days after that, he robbed a bank in Dover, also while unarmed and by passing a demand note to the teller.
Whinnem was arrested after State Police stopped him a stolen vehicle, with two others on the John Stark Highway in Newport on November 30.The Court imposed a term of 10 years’ imprisonment, to be followed by a 3-year term of supervised and ordered Whinnem to pay restitution in the amount of $11,419.

Springfield Woman Charged with Assault
A Springfield Vermont woman was charged with domestic assault and unlawful mischief on Tuesday. Springfield police say the charges came after a male victim came into the police station saying a former female partner assaulted him. An investigation revealed that Serena M Kenney, 36, hit and scratched him. The victim said that Kenney also broke his cell phone. Kenny was processed and issue a citation to appear in Windsor criminal court