Train Derails in Northfield VT -7 Injured
amtrak crash12Local and state emergency crews in and around Northfield VT responded to an Amtrak train derailment shortly after 11 AM on Monday. Amtrak passenger train #55, also known as the Montrealer derailed, causing two cars to go over an embankment and injuring seven people. One person was airlifted to Dartmouth Medical Center and six were taken by ambulance to Central Vermont Medical Center. Officials say the accident was caused from a rockslide. The Vermont Agency of Transportation estimates it will take several days for the owner of the track to clear the train and the rockslide. The Montrealer goes from Washington to Montréal and makes stops in Claremont.

New London Woman Injured in Trail Bike Accident
New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officers say inexperience was a contributing factor in a trail bike accident on Sunday evening. A New London woman was taken to Concord Hospital for treatment of injuries to her torso and upper extremities. Kari Novak 52 went over the handlebars trail bike after having difficulties turning around in the sand. Novak tumbled down a slope into a pit causing her injuries. The accident occurred in a sand pit off Route 114. One route On Sunday evening, Conservation Officers responded to a trail bike accident in Henniker, New Hampshire. The accident occurred in a sand pit off Route 114.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Newport Health Center
The public is invited to attend the Groundbreaking Celebration for the new Newport Health Center. The event takes place on Tuesday, October 13 from 4:00- 5:30 PM at 11 John Stark Highway in Newport. There will be a 30-minute program featuring community and regional leaders followed by conversation and refreshments. Please RSVP October 9 to 603-526-5084 or

Abbott Library Has Passes to see Renoir
Sunapee’s Abbott Library has passes for Currier Museum in Manchester. Art lovers can see a painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Les Premier Pas (The First Step), which is not been seen in public since 1914.The universal scene is of a law mother helping her child take its first steps. Also on display is Edgar Degas’ La Répétition au Foyer de la Danse (The Dance Rehearsal at Home). Both paintings will be on display in the European Gallery until the holidays.

Major Increase for Newport Ambulance Services
Croydon, Goshen, and Sunapee can expect an increase of over 100% for Newport’s ambulance service to their towns. At the Newport Select Board meeting on Monday, Finance Manager, Paul Brown presented the board with the costs based on equipment, various staffing options and Newport’s EMT budget. Croydon’s projected cost will increase from $13,748 to between $32,991- $43,454. Goshen’s increase jumps from $14,375 to a projected $33,285- $39,911. Sunapee could see an increase from $16,503 to between $64,502- $77,344. In addition to being based on the cost, populations of the towns and number of ambulance calls average during a three-year period were calculated. The Newport Select Board plans to meet with the towns at their next select board meeting. The Newport Select Board still needs to vote on if they will continue ambulance service to their neighboring communities.

Accident Closes John Stark Highway
John Stark Highway near the Claremont Newport line was closed for over an hour Monday afternoon for a truck accident. Claremont Emergency Services, as well as Newport Fire and EMS were on the scene. Wires in the road and the collision caused traffic to be re-routed to Chandlers Mill Road and Sugar River Drive. Claremont police say no serious injuries were received, but one person was taken to the hospital.