Croydon Select Board Answers AG’s Office
Croydon SelectboardAt their Tuesday night meeting, the Croydon Select Board said they would continue sending tuition funds to the Croydon School District. The actions go against the demands of a cease and desist letter from the AG’s office, demanding the Select Board to send all monies raised for public education to go to SAU 43 within 20 days. The AG’s office alluded that the Select Board voted to set up an account to pay for private school tuition. In a letter unanimously approved by board members, Dr. Steve Cunningham, James Harding and Tom Howard the Board says the only vote the Select Board took was a change to the address of record for the Croydon School District. The Select Board questioned the legality of sending funds to an entity other then the Croydon School District goes against the duly elected school board and against the voters’ wishes.
Jody Underwood, Chair of the Croydon School Board attended the meeting and said the board did the right thing.
The Croydon School Board’s next meeting in on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 6:30 pm.

New Foliage Tracker for NH
“Visit New Hampshire” has launched a new foliage tracker aimed at helping visitors plan their ‘peak’ adventure. The interactive, mobile-friendly tracker offers regional reports of New Hampshire’s stunning scenery, lodging and dining suggestions, points of interest around the state, and images from a network of leaf peepers. Approximately 8.5 million people are expected to visit New Hampshire this fall to view the brilliant displays of reds, yellows and oranges, an increase of about 5 percent from last fall. Spending from these visitors is anticipated to be up 7 percent, reaching $1.3 billion. The fall season is historically the second busiest season in New Hampshire, attracting more than 25 percent of all visitors to New Hampshire annually.

Putney VT Man Charged with Embezzlement
A Putney VT man was charged with Embezzlement on Friday. Windham Sheriff’s department says Patrick D. Henry 19, will appear in Windham Superior Court on Oct. 27 to answer the charges of embezzlement from a Putney convenience store.

Work to Start on Rte 12A Bridge
Charlestown NH residents can expect 3 months of one-way alternating traffic on the Route 12 12A Bridge over Hackett Brook in Charlestown. The NH Department of Transportation (DOT) says the bridge deck replacement work starts Friday Sept. 25.

Hartland Man Charged with Reckless Endangerment
A Hartland VT man is charged with Reckless Endangerment after he pointed a handgun at a vehicle driving on the Hartland Quechee road in Hartland. Police say they received a report of a man standing by the road with a young boy who appeared to be waiting for the school bus. The man later identified as Benjamin Walker 36, pointed a handgun at the victim while he drove by and continued aiming the gun while he drove away. Walker was arrested for the incident and issued a criminal citation to appear in Windsor Criminal court of October 27, 2015