Six Area Residents Arrested on Drug Charges
drug-bustOn Friday evening, NH State Police teamed up with officers from Claremont Police Department and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force in an effort to target illegal drugs and criminal activity in Claremont.
This inter-agency operation was conducted because of the recent increase in crimes resulting from heroin and other drug use. Law Enforcement Agencies in both Sullivan and Cheshire County are seeing more property crimes and crimes against the person from the growing Heroin and prescription drug epidemic. Arrested were: Joseph Labounty 27 and Nicole Labounty 30 both of Claremont for Possession of Controlled Drugs, Jesse Hemmingway 29,of Goshen for Possession of a Controlled Drug, Ashley K. Prunk 21 of Hartford VT for Possession of a Controlled Drug, Gerald Hayden 34, and Jennifer Reed 34, both of Claremont were each charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug with Intention to Sell. Todd Cummings 31 of Claremont was arrested on a Warrant for Criminal Mischief.
These types of inter-agency operations will continue throughout the summer in both Sullivan and Cheshire County.

Local Fire Chief Deploys to California Wild Fire Fight
Canaan NH Fire Chief Bill Bellion was deployed to California to assist in fighting the wildfires. His initial tour will be for16 days. He and other fellow crewmembers from New Hampshire will provide fire protection and technical expertise to assist in containment of the fires. Bellion is the only member from Canaan deployed.

The World Comes to Newport
Visitors from China, Hungry, Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey are volunteering in Newport this week. They are part of Bringing the World to Newport a summer program for credit recovery or world discovery taught by volunteers from China, Hungary, Korea, Taiwan and Turkey. International volunteers will be on the Newport Middle High School campus August 1-15, and classes are being taught, August 4 – 13. This program is co-sponsored by the Newport Revitalization Committee, the Newport School District and Volunteers for Peace, and is coordinated by Charen (pronounced Sharon) Urban,

Speed Slides Ordered Closed at Liquid Planet
The Rockingham Superior Court ordered yesterday the immediate closure of the Speed Slides attraction at the Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia NH. The closure comes after the NH Attorney General’s office issued an injunction. The Speed Slides will remain closed until Liquid Planet obtains required design approvals from the Department of Environmental Services (“DES”) and demonstrates compliance with applicable water quality standards. The State sought injunctive relief when Liquid Planet refused to voluntarily close the Speed Slides after learning from DES that water samples taken from the Slides had unsanitary levels of coli-form bacteria. After the Court’s order, Liquid Planet closed the slides and begun working with DES to address the design deficiencies. State law requires DES approve all public-bathing facilities, including recreational waterslides, prior to public use.