L-R Travis Lewis,Stephanie Matheson, Katrina Therrien

Operation Heatwave Yields Additional Drug Arrests
On Monday the Newport and Claremont Police Departments continued to clean up with another drug sweep as part as Operation Heat Wave. Arrested was Stephanie Matheson 31, of Sunapee Street, Newport NH for 4 counts sale of a controlled drug. Travis Lewis 31, of Sunapee Street, Newport NH for conspiracy to commit sale of a controlled drug and Katrina Therrien 31, of Pearl Street in Claremont for 2 counts of a controlled drug.
There was also a search warrant executed at one of the residences. Newport Police Department, Claremont Police Department, New Hampshire State
Police, Sullivan County Attorney’s Office, Sullivan County Attorney’s office, and New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force all played a pivotal role in the investigation and coordination to make this investigation a success.
To date “Operation Heat Wave” has netted 16 arrests with three remaining arrest warrants to include the following:
Jeremy Drewing 33 of Lonsdale Avenue, Claremont NH 1 sale of controlled drug.
David Nelson 27, of Meredith, NH 2 sales of controlled drug.
Becky Hewes 31 of Goffstown NH, 1 sale of controlled drug, 1 conspiracy to commit sale of controlled drug.
This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with any information on the location of the three wanted individuals or drug activity is asked to contact Newport Police Department, Claremont

Community Continues with Store Clean Up
Area residents continued on Monday to deal with the aftermath of Sunday’s storm.
Claremont Police Department released the name of the man killed during Sunday’s Storm. Police say Kyle R. LeClair 24 of Claremont was driving in the area of the 230-260 Chestnut Street when a tree fell and hit LeClair’s 1997 Honda. Mr. LeClair was driving under the speed limit and in his own lane. LeClair was pronounced dead at the scene.
Newport Police Chief James Burroughs said they received 500-600 calls for the ½-hour storm event and 187 were calls for service. Most were for power and downed trees and at one time 32 roads in Newport were closed. Bradford road was shut down after a tree fell on a truck and trapped the driver..

The Chief said 6 cars and15 homes were damaged from falling trees and a vast amount of homes received damage from falling trees but nothing structural. Burroughs said they triaged the calls when they came in
taking the most critical calls first.
The Chief happily reported that there were no injuries. As of late last night, about 600 residents in the towns of Newport, New London and Croydon remained without power.

Help for VT Flood Victims
While NH was dealing with fallen trees, Vermont residents were having floods. A number of people suffered damage to their homes in floods on Sunday night and Monday morning. The State of Vermont wants those flooded to be aware of the resources available to homeowners. Those who were flooded can call 2-1-1 to obtain clean-up kits for their home, and inquire about future potential volunteer assistance in cleaning up. 2-1-1 will coordinate requests for resources like these so the state and volunteer organizations can determine where and what type of assistance is needed.
Those who have suffered damage to their homes in the storm should report that damage to their city or town so the town can compile damage reports to see if any other assistance is available t them. .
Residents who evacuated their homes are cautioned to ensure no contaminants have entered their home with the floodwaters upon their return. They are also advised to have electrical systems inspected by a licensed electrician before turning power back on to the house.
Police Department or your local Police Department.