Claremont City Councils Votes for 1.5 Million Dollar Bond to Repair Roads
ClaremontCity CouncilClaremont City Council members debated about adding taxes to residents for a $3 million dollar bond for road improvement. A vote on a motion to change the bond amount to 2 million dollars failed to meet the required majority vote of the Council with Carolyn Towle, Nick Koloski, Charlene Lovett and James Reed voting no. Charlene Lovett said she was in favor of a 1.5 million bond since it would give them more flexibility and would not increase the tax.
A vote on a second motion to lower the bond to 1.5 million for the needed repairs and it passed 5-1with James Reed voting no. Reed said he voted no because there is no action plan.
Assistant Mayor Victor Bergeron said he did not understand why they don’t want to give the DPW money in the budget and now they don’t want to give the DPW money in a bond.

Newbury NH Police Department – Get Permit for Fireworks
The Newbury Police Department reminds residents that Newbury has a town ordinance requiring permits for fireworks. Anyone wishing to set off fireworks for July 4th needs to get a permit from the Newbury Fire Department.

Survey for Open Campus at Stevens High School On Line
Stevens High School grade 11 and 12 students have been allowed to leave school for lunch during the day for the past thirty years. The School Board is reviewing the open campus to see if it should continue, be modified, or discontinued.
Stevens High School parents, students, local businesses, as well as all other interested Claremont residents will be able to share their opinion with the Claremont School Board by completing a survey. The survey will be available on the SAU #6 website starting on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

VSP to Investigate Fatal Crash
The Vermont State Police say they are conducting a full investigation into a fatal motorcycle accident on June 15. Police say Peter Fulgan 72, of Green Island, NY was riding his 2007 Harley Davidson east on Route 4 in Bridgewater behind Craig Fairfield 62 of Waterford NH riding a 2001 Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Both bikes were traveling 25-35 mph, Fairfield slowed to make a left turn in a rest area when he was struck by Fulgan. Both motorcycles skidded across Rt.4. Fairfield received head trauma and Mr. Fulgan received minor cuts and scrapes. Fairfield was taken to DHMC and was intensive care where he died from his head injuries on Monday. Anyone with additional information should call Trooper Mark Harvey at the Royalton Barracks 802-234-9933