Sunapee To Settle on Wendell Marsh North

wendell marshThe Sunapee Selectboard is expected to have a settlement on the purchase of Wendell Marsh North after a vote at their meeting tonight. Wendell Marsh North is a 136-acre parcel located on Ryder Corner Road in Sunapee. The land will be owned by the Town of Sunapee with a conservation easement will be held by Ausbon Sargent, conserving the property forever. The project is a joint effort by the Ausbon Sargent and the Sunapee Conservation Commission. The estimated project cost was $297,000, including the purchase price and expenses. The Sunapee Conservation Commission has pledged $252,000 and the group received an additional $10,000 donation last month. In 2013, the Town of Sunapee and the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust conserved the first property in the Wendell Marsh area with the purchase of 149 acres of Wendell Marsh South.

Randolph Woman Charged With 3 Drug Charges in May
A Randolph Vermont woman who was arrested twice in one day for heroin last month has been arrested again. Vermont State Police say they received a report on Saturday that Tara Bent appeared to be under the influence and was getting in a car. Randolph Police encountered Bent driving a Ford Taurus on South Main Street in Randolph and State police arrived at the scene. Bent told police she had used marijuana and suboxane. Bent was taken into custody for DUI drugs and two counts of Violation of Conditions of Release. She is due in Orange Superior Court on June 17, 2015.

No Parking on Main Street in Springfield VT.
A reminder that will be no parking o Mains Street in Springfield VT between the Calvary Baptist Church and the Springfield Post Office from June 1 until June 30. The parking ban is because of construction work at the Springfield Parks and Recreation Building on 139 Main Street.