Bellows Falls Police Seize $18,000 In Counterfeit Bills
ceaserBellows Falls Police seized $18,000 in counterfeit money and arrested three NY men shortly before 2:00 am on Saturday. Police say the arrest comes after a traffic stop when Officer Mario Checchi and K-9 partner Caesar performed an exterior search of the car. Caesar gave a positive alert for drug order on the vehicle. Upon searching the car police found $15,000 in counterfeit $100.00. Police also found a civil amount of Marijuana and a large number of tools in their original packaging as well as receipts from states along the eastern part of the United States.
Arturo J. Puello of Queens, NY was charged with Possession of Counterfeit Paper Money, Yohandy Rodriguez Candelario of Brooklyn, NY for Aiding the Commission of a Felony; and Raynelis Rodriguez Candelario of Brooklyn, NY for Aiding the Commission of a Felony. All three were lodge at Southern State Correctional Facility for lack of $50,000, $15,000, and $15,000 respectively cash bail. The VT State Police and the Secret Service assisted the case and the investigation is ongoing.

Intoxicated Man Saved From Sugar River
An intoxicated man was rescued from the Sugar River in Claremont just after 7 pm on Saturday. Claremont Emergency personnel set up a command post on LaFayette Street and rescued the man from the river. The man had been wandering around the river and fell in. No charges were filed but the man was taken to the County House of Corrections for the night.

Muskets Return to Newport’s War Memorial
civil war memorialIn November of 2013 we reported on the riffles/muskets missing from Newport’s Civil War Memorial. The muskets went missing in 60’s and one was found by the Claremont Police Department, which is in the possession of the Newport Historical Society. The other two were never recovered. However, the muskets will again grace the stately statute this Memorial Day thanks to a Towle High School Alumni. Newport Select Board Chair, Gary Nichols said Bruce Maxham from the class of 1955 offered to donate whatever was needed to bring the muskets back to the memorial. Thanks to the efforts of Bruce Maxham, Larry Cote, Paul Brown, Ken Dennis and Sturm Ruger the muskets were reconstructed and will be put in place on Memorial Day. Newport’s Soldier’s Monument was dedicated 103 years ago to commemorate the patriotism and sacrifices of the town’s men who fought in America’s wars up until the date it was constructed, 1912.