Trump Visits New England College

An enthusiastic crowd greeted Donald Trump on Monday afternoon at New England College in Henniker Students were eager to get selfies with Trump who said he is considering running for president. Trump took the podium and addressed many issues China, Mexico, social security and foreign policy. Trump said we have no strong negotiators (Trump 1 Negotiations)
Trump says we should not be negotiating with Iran until they return four Americans they are holding including a minister who was taken for being a Christian (Trump 2 let them go)
After speaking Trump took non-vetted questions from the crowd where he said he was more concerned about a nuclear winter than climate change.

Publisher’s Clearing House Scam

Weathersfield Police are warning residents of a new scam with callers claiming they are from Publishers Clearing House. Police say the caller says you won a large sum for money and asks you to send money to them. The scammer is obtaining information during the phone call that they can use to open various accounts and have a negative impact on your credit score. Police warn not to give them any part of your social security number, mother’s maiden name or bank account information in part or whole since it is all they will need in order to ruin your credit.

Charlestown Police Continues Search for Missing Woman

Charlestown Police Department continues to seek the public’s help in locating Maryann Merrill. Merrill 66 was last seen on April 22 going to bed. Maryann Merrill is 5’6” 200 pounds, short gray hair and wears glasses and was last seen wearing a navy blue nylon jacket, with blue jeans or a lilac nightgown. NH State police canine unit as well as NH Fish and Game have searched without success. Police say she lives near the bridge that goes to Vermont and that Merrill suffers from dementia. Merrill has not made contact with friends or family. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Charlestown police directly 603-826-5747.

Dundas Pleads Self Defense

Vermont State Police say they have completed a preliminary investigation into the shooting of Donald Giovanella in Bethel Sunday night. According to a press release, Dundas and Giovanella were together inside of Dundas’ home when a dispute arose leading to Dundas shooting Giovanella with a handgun multiple times. There were no other subjects in the residence at the time of the shooting and no other injuries to any other parties. The Vermont State Police Crime Scene Search Team processed the shooting scene on Monday.
Dennis Dundas was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and was lodged on $10,000 bail. He was arraigned on the charge and pleaded self defense Monday in Windsor District Court.

Hartford Returns to Municipal Building

Hartford Town Offices are moving into the newly renovated Municipal Building on Wednesday. The Hartford town offices have been temporary located on the 3rd and 4th floors of 35 Railroad Row while the renovations took place. The move happens this Wednesday and Thursday, April 29 -30. All normal business on the 30th will take place in the temporary offices with business as usual resuming in the Municipal Building on Friday May 1st. Phone and computer service will be unavailable on Thursday.

New Superintendent for Kearsarge School District

Winfried Feneberg the current superintendent in Windham will replace outgoing Superintendent Jerry Frew for Kearsarge Regional School District. The other finalist for the position was Bow High School Principal John House-Myers. According to School Board Chair Ken Bartholomew, both candidates were excellent but Feneberg was selected for his prior service as a superintendent. Prior to serving as Windham superintendent, Feneberg was an assistant superintendent in Timberlane/Hampstead. Feneberg is expected to start on July 1, 2015.

Sunapee Flushes Hydrants

Sunapee’s water department is flushing hydrants this week. Flushing started Monday in Georges Mills and will end May 1, 2015 in Sunapee. The flushing will be from 7:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. The water department reminds residents to clean all the aerators in your home after this is completed to remove any debris.

Wheelabrator Open for Bids Again

Stuart B. Millner and Associates has announced it is once again accepting bids for the Wheelabrator plant in Claremont. The announcement was in press release stating, “Due to buyer’s financial complications, Energy-from-Waste Facility offered in Invitation to Bid Sale.” Edward Deely who had the highest bid for the plant at just over 1.6 million but questions about a federal suit and losing his electrician licenses in MA NH surfaced a few days after his winning bid. Interested buyers will need to submit a bid by Thursday, April 30 at noon EDT. The plant, located at 145 Grissom Lane, is being offered intact and ready to operate. Wheelabrator was taken out of service September 30, 2013, after nearly 27 years of successful operation with all environmental permits in good standing.

New Traffic Lights for Hartford

On Tuesday, the traffic light signals are being changed on Rt. 5 at Exit 11 in Hartford VT. The new signal will have both a green and red turn arrow. When traffic on Route 5 has the green signal, the signal at the ramp will be a blinking red arrow. The blinking red arrow light allows drivers to proceed onto Route 5 when there is a traffic gap.
The contractor will be continuing on-going tasks and beginning new activities that will mostly be done behind barriers. There will be traffic delays while concrete trucks pour concrete and other delays when equipment and material are moved in the construction zone. Flaggers will direct traffic during the day.

Moose Died from Natural Causes

A moose that was hanging around Newbury near the lake on Rte 103 died on Saturday. This past week the moose was observed stumbling and falling down and the Newbury Police and NH Fish and Game had been monitoring its health. Newbury Police Chief Robert Lee said the moose after the moose died it was tagged and removed with Fish and Game on scene. The actual cause of death is unknown at this time.