Claremont Men Arrested for $200,000 Worth of Stolen Property
Police arrested two Claremont men for the theft of over $200,000 worth of property. State Police say they arrested Russell Anderson and Michael Cote for thefts in Cornish, Unity, and Springfield NH. A break in the case came after the owner of a storage facility in Springfield caught the second theft from the facility on a game camera that gave clear images of the suspects and a license plate. Search warrants at Anderson’s apartment on April 10 and14 recovered an estimated $200,000.00 worth of suspected stolen property from a number of open theft / burglary cases in the area.
State Police conducted this investigation in conjunction with the Springfield, Cornish and Claremont Police Departments.
The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are likely. Anyone with information on this case should contact Trooper Michael McLaughlin at 603-358-3333.

Propane Tank Warning
Lebanon Fire Department is telling residents to check their propane tanks. The alert comes after the National Propane Gas Association found that propane cylinders are being used for storage and use of anhydrous ammonia in the manufacture Methamphetamine. The brass valve in a propane cylinder is damaged after contact with anhydrous ammonia and will have a blue green stain. The deterioration will lead to cracking of the valve body or components and can result in a violent, unexpected expulsion causing injury or death. The cylinders have been found in many states at cylinder exchange and refilling locations as well as in hotel rooms. It can be dangerous to move the cylinder because of the unknown condition of the cylinder’s service valve. Do not move the cylinder and keep people away from the area. If a cylinder is damaged or there is any doubt related to its prior use immediately call 911.

Search Continues for Missing Claremont Man
The search continues for Nicholas Washburn who went missing after crashing his 2007 Ford Fusion into the guardrails of the Main Street Bridge in Claremont. Police Chief Alex Scott said that while Claremont Emergency Services were responding to the accident, police were at a Block Avenue residence for domestic violence involving Nicholas Washburn 26. Washburn had fled in his car before police arrived and Washburn was not in his car when emergency services arrived. The New Hampshire State Police and a K-9 search team tried to locate Washburn and the K-9 team lead officers off the bridge into Vermont but was otherwise inconclusive. The Claremont Police Department and other police agencies continue to search for Washburn as well as Washburn’s family and friends.
Warrants for the arrest of Washburn are in effect for the domestic violence incident. Anyone with information on Friday night’s events or Washburn’s whereabouts should call Claremont police at 603-542-9538.

fords theater

The box seat in Ford Theater where President Lincoln was assassinated

Flags Lowered for 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Death
President Obama has issued a proclamation ordering the lowering of flags on all public buildings and grounds to half-staff for the entire day tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15, 2015, in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln for the 150th Anniversary of Lincolns Death.

Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement:
“There has been no greater defender of our American Union than President Abraham Lincoln, who advanced the vision of our Founding Fathers that equality is essential to the strength of our democracy and the future our great nation. President Lincoln understood that there is a cause greater than any one of us – our country – and he believed in the strength and promise of future generations of Americans. One hundred fifty years later,
President Lincoln remains an inspiration to people across the United States and around the world, and the legacy of his leadership will continue to endure for generations to come.”

Wheelabrator Auctioned Off for Over $1.6 Million
And the winner is ….. Ed Deely Jr. who bought the vacated Wheelabrator Plant in Claremont with the winning bid just over $1.6 million dollars. Deely is the founder of Bio Hybrid Institute in Needham MA and represents Hybrid Tech farms, which uses aqua phonics to grow food in water. Deely bought the plant in its entirety.