Public Hearing Tonight in New London
Academy buildingThe New London Selectboard and Budget Committee agreed that extensive repairs are needed to the Academy Building to repair the dry rot. At the Town meeting in May, voters will be asked to authorize the Selectmen to borrow up to $350,000 for the necessary repairs. Full extent of the damage will be not be known until the all of the siding is removed, but the Select board and Budget Committee believe that $350,000 will be adequate. Any funds remaining when the siding project is finished will go towards other outstanding maintenance issues in town buildings. There is a public hearing on the project tonight 6:00 pm at the Academy Building town offices on the second floor.

Three Area Teachers Nominated for 2016 Teacher of the Year
Twenty-four NH teachers will be honored at a Teacher of the Year Nominee Ceremony on Tuesday, April 14. Each year, New Hampshire schools take part in the State and National Teacher of the Year Program. This year there are three nominees from our area. Congratulations to SAU# 6 for having two teachers in the running for the award Jennifer Thompson, Unity Elementary School, and Kathryn Scott from Disnard Elementary School in Claremont. Nominated from Alstead is Lorraine Chaffee of Alstead Primary School. The teachers will be displaying their students’ and or their work beginning at 9:00 am. A formal ceremony will take place following lunch

Missing Claremont Man
A 24-year-old Claremont man that was involved in a car accident on Friday night is now missing. Nick Washburn went missing Friday night after he was involved in a car accident on Ascutney Bridge. Washburn was last seen wearing a red shirt and shorts and red shoes. If anyone has seen him, please call the Claremont Police Dept. at 542-9538.

Claremont Citizens Group Moves Forward with Pumpkin Fest
Claremont’s Citizens Group is moving forward to bring Keene’s Pumpkin Festival to Claremont. About 20 enthusiastic residents were in attendance at a meeting Saturday morning to support and contribute to endeavourer. The group plans to make a presentation to Claremont City Council and the board of directors of “Let It Shine” the nonprofit group that runs Keene’s Pumpkin Festival. Prior to the presentations the group is concentrating on how they will organize the event with Set up Teams, Leaders, Budget, Volunteers, Waste Management, Security, Vendors, Sponsors, Marketing, First Aid, Shuttle Transportation, Parking, Contractors, Permits and Clean up. Spokes person for the group Michael Charest said “We need to bring our A game.” If for some reason Let It Shine, does not want to bring the fest to Claremont the group will plan on starting their festival.