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Sunapee Closes Parts of Stagecoach Road

The town of Sunapee has closed a section of Stagecoach Road. Stagecoach Road south of Dexter’s Inn and Mr. Simpson’s property and the intersection of Stagecoach Road and Hell’s Corner will be closed for the next few weeks due to severe muddy conditions. Signs directing motorists are placed at strategic locations pertaining to the road closure. The town of Sunapee apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause and will re-open the section of road once it is safe for the traveling public.

 Cornish Man Waives Probable Cause

Curt Wyman 65 of Cornish waived his probable cause hearing this morning at Claremont District Court. State Police arrested Wyman last Monday and charged him with felonious sexual assault on a child under the age of 16. The case will now go to a Sullivan County Grand Jury.

 Operation Safe Commute Day

Tuesday March 17 “Saint Patrick’s Day” is an Operation Safe Commute Day.

Police Officers, State Troopers and Sheriff’s Deputies will be performing high visibility traffic patrols throughout the state.

These highly trained officers will be specifically looking for distracted drivers, impaired drivers and motor vehicle violations. Please use a designated driver and get home safe.

Newporters Will Vote on Selling Airport

parlin fieldNewport residents will have a lot discuss at the upcoming deliberate session on April 7. One hot topic is on a warrant article put on by petition by Chair of the Conservation Commission, Dick Wentzell. Selectboard Chair Gary Nichols read the article at last night’s Selectboard meeting.

Joe Branch a proponent of the article said he would like to see Newport voters have a choice if they want an airport or not, since most people don’t use the airport. Branch added the sale would also generate tax revenue for the town.

Heath Marsden Manager of Parlin Field Airport said the airport offers Newport opportunities that a town with one doesn’t have like the Aerospace Camp for 60 school students this summer..

According to select board members, the airport is eighty percent self-sustaining.