“Unequal Treatment Under the Law” Says Croydon School Board Chair

Croydon School Meeting
Croydon voted to add an additional $5,500.00 to their legal fund at its Annual School Meeting on Saturday. The extra funds are to cover the legal issues with Newport regarding the Area agreement and drawing up a Memo of Understanding. School Board member Jim Peschke said that the problems and the tuition issue started after Newport’s School Board wrote a letter in January to the State Board of Education.
School Board Chair Jody Underwood said t she is trying to find a pro bono lawyer or perhaps start a kick-start fundraiser to fight the tuition issue with the State Board of Education saying it is unequal treatment under the law.
Underwood further explained that Lyme NH sends their students to Thetford Academy, and St. Johnsbury, both private schools in Vermont. SAU 43 Superintendent Cindy Gallagher said the SAU would not pay for private schools for Croydon Students next year unless the RSA’s are changed or the Board of Education rules differently. Croydon had submitted their plans in 2012 to the State Board of Education using private schools.

Good Showing for Newport’s Robotics Team
Newport’s First Robotics Team #5782 placed fourth at the Pine Tree District event in Lewiston last week. This gives the team sixty-seven points and a possible chance of bringing their robot to compete at Worcester Polytechnic Institute this April.

Rockingham VT Couple Charged With Giving Alcohol to Minor
A Rockingham VT couple was charged with Furnishing Alcohol to Minor on Saturday. Police say they responded to a Pleasant Valley Road residence on a report of an out of control-intoxicated male. Upon arrival police discovered that the homeowners Daniel Clayton 42 and Kathie Clayton 41 had provided alcohol to the minor. Police issued diversion paperwork to the minor and citations to the Claytons to appear in Windham Court on April 28 2015.

Goshen Voters Approve Police Truck Purchase
The town of Goshen will be getting a new police truck and security system after less than 40 residents gathered at the Goshen town hall Saturday night. Goshen police Chief Ed Anderson explained to the sparse crowd that the original plan for the current police truck was to be traded in 2016, but the current vehicle has rust and transmission issues. Anderson stated it is more economical for the town to trade in the truck, use money from capital reserve, and ask for an additional $7,000, then to keep the current vehicle, fix it, and replace next year. After a ballot vote, the new truck passed 22-15.
Additionally, the town passed a new security system for the town hall, library and fire station. This includes fire alarms and security cameras for approximately $25,000. All other articles passed overwhelmingly.

Presentation on Taxes in Claremont
A presentation on Claremont’s City Budget will on Thursday from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center. Mary Walter, City of Claremont Finance Director is giving the presentation on the Structure, Mechanic and Procedure of the budget. The event comes as Claremont’s administration shapes its proposed budget from now through April. The new, informal citizens group, Claremont Citizens Unite-Taxes (CCUT), sponsors this session.
For further information, please contact Michael Charest, group facilitator, phone: 542-8382.